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INCA LAND ADVENTURES is a trekking agency in Peru, Cusco, launched by Flavio Huamani who have been guiding tailor-made itineraries in Adventure, Ecotourism, Bird Watching, Conventional and “off the beaten track” Tours for more than 18 years. 

Inca Land Adventures is for travelers who want a more authentic holiday that also benefits the environment and local people. We offer and practice responsible tourism by designing more enjoyable and authentic holidays that maximize the benefits to local communities, that minimize any negative social or environmental impacts of tourism, that help local people in health and education, and that conserve fragile cultures, habitats and species.

Our mission is to act as a conduit and open a window into the little known aspects of the region, enabling you to explore the areas of your particular interest, whilst enjoying a well-balanced itinerary. We do this by providing quality advice at the PLANNING stages of your trip, and quality support DURING your travels. We will assist you in the choice of destinations and accommodation, all of which we have personally visited and continue to visit each calendar year. Our recommendations are always based on locally inspired and/or owned establishments, never compromising comfort and always offering value for money. We will provide serious and well-researched background information on the destinations to be visited, as well as current practical details to make your trip run smoothly. On the ground, we are fully dedicated to cover every logistical aspect of the trip so everything works out. 

We are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you out in the case you run into any inconvenience or you want to change your plans.

In addition, kindly note that every Inca Land Adventures trip either has a volunteer component built in, or is organized to raise funds for a particular project we support. It is another way that we can support our community-based partners around the country and educate more people through direct, personal experience.

What makes participating in our expeditions so tempting? The essential element of an expedition is the exploring. You walk, ski, trek, climb, or raft new or rarely travelled routes, competing with the elements – white water, tropical forest, polar winds, heat and cold, but especially with yourself – because adventure travel is also a discovery of the self, your weaknesses and your strengths. But what can you still explore in the 21st century? With advances in technology making it possible to ‘visit’ virtually anywhere, you would think that we might have exhausted just about every option. For us, that is hardly the case. On the surface of our planet, under the canopy of our tropical forests or below the clouds of the Andean depressions, there are still many mysteries and secrets to discover, to experience.

Our expeditions will lead you to the most fascinating places of Peru. Peru has a larger variety of extreme landscapes than any other country: the driest desert from our coast, the largest tropical forest on the shores of the river Amazon and the high altitude difference in the snow-capped Andes.

Flavio Huamani and Inca Land Adventures: Multicultural experience in action…
I was born in Anta province to local parents. I carry a native first name and a Spanish last name. I have lived in Cusco for much of my life, but am currently residing in the mountains, between my treks. The primary reason behind my move to Cusco was to develop Inca Land Adventures, a company that provides one-of-a-kind travel adventures that have a lasting effect beyond their consumption… Whether that lasting effect is in the form of a life-long memory or retention of learning; it is a memory that extends the experience over time. For me, the satisfaction of being an entrepreneur comes from being able to bring an idea into reality and seeing how these new concepts change people’s preconceived ideas about what travel is and what it can be. I am very proud to say that I have accomplished this goal.

Inca Land Adventures, Trekking Agency in Peru, has developed treks where travelers explore their boundaries, test their mental and physical limitations, and experience the unfamiliar. These unique and challenging expeditions provide a complete experience that leaves one feeling reborn and fully enriched. In cooperation with the best and most knowledgeable family staff, expedition leaders, guides, cooks, porters and horsemen, combined with small-group exclusivity and innovative expeditions, Inca Land Adventures creates a truly unique Peruvian adventure.

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