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For all of our treks, we will provide you with all the camping equipment you require, except for a sleeping bag. This includes a standard non-inflatable sleeping mattress (some private tours include an inflatable Thermarest mattress – please see individual tour information).

The following items can be hired directly from us for your trek. All prices are in US dollars.

Extra mule to carry YOUR things: $25.00 per trip day

Extra riding mule and muleteer to lead it: $25.00 per trip day

Extra porter to carry your things (Inca Trail ONLY): $140.00 per trip / $70.00 for up to 7kgs

Llama to carry your things (Lares treks ONLY): $25.00 per trip day

Basic Sleeping Bag (suitable for -5deg): $30.00 per 4 day trip

Super Sleeping Bag (suitable for -10deg): $35.00 per 4 day trip

Deluxe Sleeping Bag (suitable for -15deg): $40.00 per 4 day trip

Walking poles (lightweight aluminum): $20.00 per set per 4 day trip

Thermarest inflatable mattress: $25.00 per 4 day trip

Inflatable pillow: $10.00 per 4 day trip

Single tent supplement (ie you don’t want to share a tent): $35 per person

Hire Policy

When calculating costs for hire of walking poles, sleeping bag, etc. calculate using the length of the tour. Even though you won’t use the equipment on the final day it will still be ‘on the road’ and ‘occupied.’

If you hire equipment and break it you are responsible for price of replacement or repair. (Please do the right thing!)

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