The “Humantay Lagoon” is a natural attraction located in the village of Soraypampa, formerly only visited by those who ventured to make the trek to the Salkantay. Today, however, there is a paved road that takes tourists right to the entrance of the site.

The site consists of several pools which vary in depth and size. The waters are clear and cool, and fed by an underground stream. The flow of water varies depending on the time of year; however it is strongest during the winter season. With the constant flow and refreshing temperatures, visitors can experience different water therapy treatments such as thalassotherapy (sea bath), thermotherapie (warm bath), antiterapie (cold bath), and hydro-masage (pool massage).
The site also provides the opportunity for visitors to try out kayaking and rafting along  the river. With the beautiful natural surroundings and peaceful ambiance, the “Humantay Lagoon” makes for the perfect location for a relaxing getaway.
If you intend to visit the Humantay Lagoon, there are a few activities that you can enjoy.
Water Therapy
Visitors can experience numerous water therapies at the Humantay Lagoon, including thalassotherapy, thermotherapie, antiterapie, and hydro-masage. To access these treatments, visitors need to purchase a ticket at the ticket office located near the entrance of the site. Patients need to consult the hospital before participating in any of the mentioned treatments.