Inca Land Adventures has been a Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operator since 2010. All companies managing the Inca Trail must be certified and have an Inca Trail operator’s license. This license is issued annually each December and Inca Land Adventures is licensed for the coming year of 2022–2023.

We are one of the best inca trail tour companies in Perú. We do offer all kind of trails like a Macchu Picchu tour beneath others, of course. Our license as an Official Travel Agency & Inca Trail Operator is under the name of SAM Travel Peru Expedition E.I.R.L. We are registered on the official government website: www.machupicchu.gob.pe.

Getting licensed by the government is a complicated and stringent process for the protection of tourists. The government evaluates your entire business operation and office site, if you paid taxes, they check the tour guides, porters, chefs, camping equipment, first aid equipment and preparedness, and if we are part of the union. Those companies that do not have a tour operator license for the Inca Trail do not have one because they do not meet the standards required by the government.

Why booking with a licensed Inca trail tour operator is so important!

The number of registered tour operators that run, sell, and operate their Inca Trail packages is limited! Inca Land Adventures is one of the primary companies that can do this.
The most significant thing is that not all agencies are licensed tour operators, so their operations and quality of services have not been evaluated by the government because they cannot meet the standards.
There are two types of companies that will try to sell you an Inca trail package: registered tour operators and middle men, otherwise known as endorsers.
If you book with a company that is a middle man, you will pay higher prices, and there is no way to know the quality of the service being provided by the third-party servicers that they use.
A licensed tour operator can guarantee 100% of their services because they are providing all the services directly with their own guides, chefs, porters, and drivers etc.

If you book with a licensed tour operator, the advocates that you speak with are the ones you will be working with directly, so if you have any concerns you can go to them and get your needs met quickly.

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