Manu Park Birdwatching Machupicchu

This birding tour combines Manu National Park, Abra Malaga, and Machu Picchu. Several endemic birds are observed.
Birding Area: Cusco, Huacarpay, Manu National Park, Huyquecha Biological Station, Cock of the Rock Lodge, Manu Cloud forest, Amazonia Lodge, Ollantaytambo, Abra Malaga, and Machu Picchu
Bird Species: The bird species listed in this tour itinerary are referential and are the most popular so, not all the species that we can see in this tour are listed. The endemic species are marked with ***.
Climate: Humid, cold and foggy in the mornings as well as in the afternoons at midday it can be very hot, sometimes very cold and wet, we recommend to bring rain ponchos and umbrellas for this tour because the weather conditions are unpredictable.
Difficulty Degree: Easy, There are some long journeys and early starts, but the walking is usually fairly easy.

Desde USD2,300.00
10 Días