Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10


Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10

Choquequirao Vilcabamba Machu Picchu Itinerary  The Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10 is a challenging and rewarding trekking route in Peru that takes you through some of the most spectacular and remote areas of the Andes Mountains Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10. This trek combines three ancient Inca sites: Choquequirao, Vilcabamba, and Machu Picchu, offering a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience. you’ll hike for several days to reach Choquequirao, an impressive Inca citadel known as the “sister city” to Machu Picchu. Choquequirao is perched high on a ridge and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys Vilcabamba: After exploring Choquequirao, the trek continues through the Vilcabamba mountain range. This section of the trek takes you through beautiful landscapes, remote Andean villages, and high mountain passes. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and witness the traditional way of life in the Andes. This trek that joins these 3 Inca cities represents the beginning, the development, and the end of the great Inca empire that spread throughout Latin America Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10. Choquequirao is believed to have been a city to control the onslaught of its neighbors, the Chanka tribe, in the beginning, then the city of Machupicchu was a city built in full expansion and finally, we have Vilcabamba, which is a district of Cusco in the province of La Convención. that its name originates from the Quechua Wilka: sacred and pampa: plain. This was formerly the lost capital of the Incas that at the time of the reign of Manco Inca after a bloody fight in the current city of Cusco for the domain of the empire, the Inca army was defeated by the conquering army led by Francisco Pizarro. Then the family, army and the surviving people escaped into the jungle finding refuge in this inhospitable place “Vilcabamba”.Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10
Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10 Manco Inca and his sons resisted for 60 years, frustrating each conquering excursion, with the death of Manco Inca in 1559 at the hands of soldiers of the Almagrista faction, the resistance lost its leader and culminated years later with the capture and execution in the current main square of the last heir of the Inca dynasty “Tupac Amaru”.Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10
You can relive that history walking through these wonderful places and what better way to choose to travel with us, then we show you our itinerary Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Very early we will start with this long adventure in the mountains, we will pick you up from your hotel at 4 am and make sure you take all your equipment to the Vilcabamba trek. Then we will take our tourist transport to go to Cachora in 3 hours of travel, then we will continue 1 hour more in our transport to Capuliyoc (3000 masl) where we will have our breakfast and it will also be the beginning of our walk. Here we will meet with all the equipment that will accompany us on the trek (muleteers and horses), from Capuliyoc we will have the first view of the Vilcabamba chain with its glaciers in the distance. We will begin to descend the mountain for 2 ½ hours along a zigzag path, we will pass through small towns such as Cocamasana and Chiquisca (1,800 masl) At this last point it will be our lunch and then we continue our walk to the Apurímac River and cross the point of Playa Rosalina (1,500 masl), then we start to climb uphill for 2 ½ hours on average until we reach Santa Rosa, our first camp Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Distance: 16 km.
Weather: Warm and sunny.
Meals: Lunch – Dinner
Accommodation: Campsite
Minimum altitude: 1500 masl Rosalina beach.
Maximum altitude: 2100 masl Santa Rosa Camp.
Time: 6 hours (approximately)
Difficulty: Demanding.

This will be a day full of adrenaline to ascend to the Inca city of Choquequirao. After a very energetic breakfast at 6:00 a.m. We will begin our 3-hour hike up a narrow path to Marampata (3050 masl). During our tour, we will observe the dense vegetation of the tropical rainforest and different species of orchids around the route until we reach Marampata where we will take a short break. Then we continue the 2-hour walk until we reach the camping area of the Choquequirao archaeological park. With a privileged view and a delicious lunch, we begin to visit the first sectors within Choquequirao, such as the agricultural terraces sector, the waterfall, and the water temple. This is how a day full of activities ends Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Distance: 14 km.
Climate: Mild and cold (at night).
Walking time: 7 hours.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner.
Minimum altitude: 2100 masl Camp Santa Rosa.
Maximum altitude: 2,900 masl Camp Choquequirao
Difficulty: Demanding.

You will have the entire day free to explore the Choquequirao Archaeological Park, both accompanied by our guide and independently. This Inca city is composed of administrative, residential and religious sectors, a ceremonial platform (known in Quechua as an usnu), a main square and a series of buildings originally used to store harvests. With luck, from the ceremonial platform we may see a condor or two, as they often take advantage of thermal currents to soar above the Apurímac canyon Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.
Altitudes: Choquequirao campsite: 2870 meters / 9416 feet; Choquequirao ruins: 3040 meters / 9974 feet
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Today you will wake up with the first songs of the birds, after breakfast we will start with the visit of the temple of the astronomer, the famous terraces of the llamas, the house of the Inca, the main temple in the first part to wait for the lunch that our cook will bring to Choquequirao. In the second part, we will reach the upper part where the water temple is located and then begin our ascent to the highest point and have a unique view of the entire Choquequirao complex and take some photos. Later we will start the tour this time downhill for 2 hours until we reach Pinchinuyoc Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Time: 6 hours of walking.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Camp: 2200 masl Pinchinuyoc Camping.
Minimum altitude: 2200 masl Pinchinuyoc.
Maximum altitude: 2891 masl Cornfield.
Distance traveled: 16 km Pinchinuyoc – Maizal.
Climate: Temperate, Hot.

After a refreshing rest and a good breakfast, we will continue descending the mountain until we reach the Blanco River (1900 masl), there we will stop to rest and take a good bath in the cold waters of the river that come from the glaciers Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

After our bath, we will return to the opposite side of the valley and begin to ascend towards our camp in Maizal (2891 masl) where we will have lunch and spend the night Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Time: 2 hours of descent and 3 hours of ascent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Camp: Maizal 2891 masl.
Minimum altitude: 1990 meters above sea level Río Blanco.
Maximum altitude: 2891 masl Cornfield.
Distance traveled: 16 km Pinchinuyoc – Maizal.
Climate: Temperate, Hot.

Today we will get up with a hot coca tea to give us the energy to continue our journey. After having breakfast and packing our luggage and saying goodbye to the family that lives in Maizal we continue the walk.
The uphill climb today is around 4 hours, in this section full of exuberant vegetation with flowers of different colors, birds of different sizes as you go up the landscape changes in the highest part you can see the chain of glaciers of the mountain range Vilcabamba we will sit down to appreciate this natural wonder at a height of (4200 masl) in the Victoria pass. The descent is 2 hours to the next point, the village of Yanama at a height of (3800 masl), surrounded by houses of local families, where we will have our lunch and spend the night Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Walking distance: 20 km.
Walking time: 6 to 7 hours approximately.
Cold weather.
Camp: Yanama.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Maximum altitude: 4630 masl.
Minimum altitude: 2900 masl.

Today we start the day with another coca tea, saying goodbye to Yanama and its friendly people, we will follow an ancient Inca trail for approximately 3 ½ hours through the Quellqa Machay valley on smooth terrain and surrounded by the surrounding forests and mountains until we reach to Mesa Paw place for our lunch. Then we will climb another 3 hours to Quelca Machay (4000 masl), where we camp and have dinner at night. Here the nights are cold and can reach minus 4 degrees Celsius below zero Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Walking distance: 24 km.
Walking time: 6 to 7 hours approximately.
Cold weather.
Campsite: Quellqa Machay.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Maximum altitude: 4000 masl. Quellqa Machay.
Minimum altitude: 3800 masl. Yanama.

Today after the traditional coca tea and a very hot breakfast, we will continue our adventure walking through some narrow trails to the highest point of the route, El Paso Choquetacarpo (4600 masl), this is a spectacular pass with an incredible view of the entire valley.
At this point, we will have the opportunity to take beautiful photos walking along an almost perfectly preserved Inca route. On this journey, you will marvel at the skill of Inca engineering that created these unique trails. From this point we begin the descent for approximately 2 hours to Collpa, resting place and our lunch, on the way we will see how the vegetation appears again as we go forward and at the end of the day we will arrive at the town of Huancacalle (2900 masl) Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Walking distance: 25 km.
Walking time: 6 to 7 hours approximately.
Cold weather.
Camp: Huancacalle (2900 masl).
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Maximum altitude: 4600 meters above sea level.
Minimum altitude: 2900 meters above sea level.

After a good night’s rest, our day will once again start early, at approximately 7:30 am. From here, we will go up to visit the interesting Inca cities of Vitcos-Rosaspata and the temple of Ñustahispana, during the morning, in which our guide will share information about the life of the last Inca kings who lived in these places fighting against the conquering excursion Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Back in Huancacalle

Traveled distance: 5 km.
Walking time: 3 ½ hours approximately.
Warm weather.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch-dinner.
Maximum altitude: Huancacalle (2900 masl).

Total Walking Distance: 0km
Total Walking Time: 0h / Total Driving Time: 5h
Minimum Altitude: 2040m (6693 ft) / Maximum Altitude: 2900m (9514 ft)
Altitude of hotel: 2040m (6693 ft)
This morning we can relax and reflect on the journey we’ve just taken along the Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trail, from the verdant valleys and plunging canyons to the high mountain passes at San Juan and Choquecatarpo.

Huancacalle is a quaint rural village, where you might spot pigs and their adorable piglets wandering the streets. Isolated in the mountains, you might feel a sense of nostalgia for a forgotten time as you take in the peaceful lifestyle. This is a stark difference from what awaits us in Aguas Calientes, a busy city bustling with tourists eager to visit Machu Picchu. Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10

From here we will take private transport over narrow, winding mountain roads to Santa Teresa (1550m / 5085 ft). The 5-hour drive is an amazing journey in itself, as you go from high Andean plains down to the lush vegetation of the jungle, passing villages and then banana, tea and coffee fields. The final leg of the journey sees us traveling along the edge of the rushing Vilcanota River – a reminder of the powerful natural forces that are a constant presence in the Andes Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Please note that some private transport on the road is lower quality than in Cusco.

From Santa Teresa we take the train from Hidroelectrica to Aguas Calientes. This will feel like a nice change of pace after days of hiking from Choquequirao to Vilcabamba and finally, Machu Picchu, including hours of driving! Peek up as the train winds along the canyon and you might get a tantalizing glimpse of the lower reaches of Machu Picchu!

Arriving at Aguas Calientes, a soak in the thermal baths might just be the perfect recipe for aching muscles! We’ll enjoy a celebratory dinner in Aguas Calientes before turning in early in anticipation of the next day’s centerpiece: Machu Picchu.

Today we achieve what for many is a lifelong dream: a visit to the Imperial Inca City of Machu Picchu! In the pre-dawn hours, we’ll take the bus up to the site to enjoy the ruins at sunrise. Your guide will give you a 2-3h walking tour of the historic citadel. If you’re feeling adventurous you may wish to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain, but take note: this requires an extra permit, and they can sell out well in advance! Be sure to tell us at booking if you would like to add one of these hikes. For more tips on what to see, check out our Visiting Machu Picchu page.

Want more time to explore? Consider our Extra Day Upgrades.

We return to Cusco in the afternoon by Expedition (tourist class) train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, where we will be met by our driver who will transfer you directly back to your hotel in Cusco. Total travel time is about 4 hours from Aguas Calientes to Cusco.
Traveled distance: 5 km.
Walking time: approximately 3 hours.
Guided visit to Machu Picchu: 3 hours.
Climate: Warm – temperate.
Transfer to Cusco: 2 hours by train and 2 hours by minivan from Aguas Calientes to Cusco.
Meals: Breakfast.
Maximum altitude: 3399 meters above sea level.
Minimum altitude: 2050 meters above sea level. hot waters.

What is Included?
7 nights of camping. Tent: 2 people in a 4-person tent, allowing for greater comfort and backpack storage!
Basic foam mattress. If you would like greater comfort during the Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu we can rent you an inflatable mattress. See Optional Extras & Upgrades below.
Toilet tent
1 night accommodation in Aguas Calientes in a Standard Hotel. This will be a nice, clean and safe hotel with breakfast included and private bathroom. You can also upgrade to a higher quality hotel.
Dining tent with camp tables and chairs, and kitchen tent for the cook to prepare meals
Cook and cooking equipment, plus assistants for larger groups.
Meals as indicated in the itinerary. Our professional cooks prepare a combination of traditional Peruvian and Western cuisine. Talk to your guide if you have certain preferences! Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. When served, salads are washed in boiled water.
Celebratory dinner in Aguas Calientes
Lunch on the last day is included in this itinerary.
Collection from your hotel on the morning of your trek departure
Private transport from Cusco to the trailhead and return at the end of the trek (Please note that some private transport on the road is lower quality than in Cusco)
Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu and back
Train ticket (Expedition service) from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
Private transport from Ollantaytambo to Cusco
Trekking Team
English/Quechua/Spanish speaking professional guide, plus an assistant guide for groups over 8
Horses and horsemen, who carry camping equipment, food and kitchen utensils. We provide duffel bags at your briefing for your personal items (up to 10kg/22lbs per person).
Tents, sleeping bags and mattresses for our staff to sleep in, plus a budget for their meals
First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle
1 emergency horse which can be ridden if you are feeling ill or if you are a little slower.
Additional inclusions
Pre-trek briefing
Entry fees to Machu Picchu and Choquequirao
What is Not Included?
Breakfast on the first morning.
Dinner on the last night.
Sleeping bags. Available for rent if you don’t have one with you.
Additional horses for your personal luggage
Optional Activities
Entrance to the Aguas Calientes and Cocalmayu hot springs
Permit to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain.
Tips for the guide, cook and muleteers
Flights to/from Cusco
Travel Insurance

Prices are per person in USD, based on group size. We do not have fixed-date group departures.2024
2 PEOPLE $2915
4-6 PEOPLE $1890
7-8 PEOPLE $1620
9-12 PEOPLE $1580.

What’s Included?

Included Services:

Experienced Guides: Our guides at Inca Land Adventures are seasoned professionals who have studied English and tourism at Cusco National University. They possess a deep knowledge of the region and are dedicated to sharing their heritage with you. Combining professionalism with a friendly demeanor, they ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the journey.

Permits and Machu Picchu Access: To trek the Inca Trail, you need permits obtained only through licensed operators like Inca Land Adventures. Shared Group Inca Trail Trek 4d/3nUpon receiving your details and deposit, we secure your permits, which include entry to Machu Picchu. These permits are non-transferable once confirmed, although passport number updates are possible.

Pre-Trek Briefing: The evening before your adventure, join us at our office for a comprehensive briefing with your guide and fellow trekkers. Here, you’ll receive your duffel bag, which our porters will transport while you hike. Remember, pack efficiently, as the duffel should weigh no more than 7kg/14 lbs and include essential items like your sleeping bag and air mattress.

Personal Porter: We provide a dedicated porter to carry your duffel bag throughout the trek, ensuring your comfort without any additional charges. Your duffel bag will be accessible only at the evening campsite and should adhere to weight restrictions.

Environmentally Conscious Porters: Our porter team at Inca Land Adventures is known for their dedication and hard work. Adhering to strict weight limits, they handle all camping equipment and food, while also assisting with camp setup and breakdown. We prioritize the well-being of our porters, ensuring fair treatment and supporting their families through various social initiatives.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in the culinary creations of our talented chefs, who craft delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From nutritious soups to hearty mains and delectable desserts, every dish is prepared with care. We accommodate dietary restrictions to ensure everyone enjoys their meals.

Hydration Support: Stay hydrated during your trek with our provided clean water at each meal. We prioritize your well-being by filtering and cooling the water to combat altitude effects. Remember to bring enough water for the first morning of the trail.

Quality Equipment: Inca Land Adventures utilizes top-tier equipment, including sturdy tents and dining facilities for your comfort. Each client receives a pillow and foam sleeping pad, while dining equipment and other essentials are provided.

Hotel-to-Hotel Service: Enjoy hassle-free transportation from your hotel to the starting point of your trek and back. Our comfortable vans ensure a smooth journey, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

Transportation and Train Service: Your trek logistics include bus tickets to Machu Picchu, as well as a tourist-class train journey from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo. For those seeking upgraded amenities, we offer the option to upgrade to the Vista dome train for an additional fee.

First Aid and Safety: Your safety is paramount to us. Our guides undergo regular training by medical professionals and carry comprehensive first-aid kits and oxygen tanks. In case of emergencies, we ensure swift evacuation and medical attention.

Communication Facilities: Each guide is equipped with a satellite phone to address any emergencies beyond radio range. Additionally, clients can utilize these phones for non-emergency communication, providing peace of mind during the trek.

Additional Amenities: We pay attention to every detail to enhance your experience. From small comforts like pillows and rain ponchos to hot water bins for hygiene, we strive to create memorable journeys for our clients.

Taxes and Fees: Our pricing includes all taxes and permit fees, ensuring transparency with no hidden costs.

Inca Land Difference:

Ethical Treatment of Porters: At Inca Land Adventures, we prioritize the well-being of our porters, providing fair wages, essential gear, and support for their families. Our commitment extends to social initiatives aimed at improving their quality of life.

Promoting Equality: We champion diversity and inclusivity within our team, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds and genders. Our goal is to achieve gender parity, empowering women to excel in roles traditionally dominated by men.

Sustainability: Inca Land Adventures is dedicated to sustainable tourism practices, minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible travel. We prioritize leaving no trace on our treks and support local communities through eco-friendly initiatives.

DISCOUNTS.- 18 to 25 years old: $30 USD Information required on student card: name of university, student name, photo of student, expiration date etc. A copy of the card is required at booking for government approval for discount.

Under 18 years old: $30 USD Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.

Under 11 years old: $40 USD Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.

Group of 5 or more: $30 USD – All you need is to book the trek together at the same time.


Sleeping Bag –$30 USD per person per trek (It will be clean and warm)

Air Mattress –$25 USD per person per trek (Therma rest mattresses)

Walking Poles -$20 USD per pair per trek (Professional poles that can be extended)

Personal tent- $35 USD – (Tent is for single trekkers only)

Vista dome Train Upgrade –$75 USD per person (Return Only)

Huayna Picchu Mountain –$75 USD per person (Please request when you book your Trek)

Machu Picchu Mountain – $75 USD per person (Please request when you book your Trek)

Single supplement-$35 USD per night (for solo travelers with single room)

**Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain are optional treks within Machu Picchu Citadel which do not include a guide. The climb is usually done on your own after your tour of Machu Picchu Citadel. If you would like the extra hike to be guided, please request in advance. There is an extra cost for this extra guided tour.


TRANSFER – from the Airport to Hotel (Cusco Only)

DUFFEL BAG– included in the trekking price!

BOILED WATER is included along the Inca Trail

OXYGEN TANK will be available along the trek

PLASTIC RAIN poncho made by Inca Land Adventures is included.


IMPORTANT: Some of the reasons that our price may be higher than that of other agencies are the following:

We ALWAYS book the maximum number of porters possible (according to Inca Trail regulations) so that our porters are not overloaded.

Also, We are the only travel operator in Peru that supplies porters with proper tents, sleeping pads and adequate food for this type of activity. Shared Inca Trail Trek 4d/3n

We always we take care our horseman’s and horses during our alternative treks so tipping it will be the seem as for the porters

Beware of this when booking they might be cheaper because of this!

2 people (minimum group size) should have a maximum of 7 porters and 16 people (max group size) should have 22 porters.

** Tips for porters, cooks or guides are optional and are NOT included in our price. However, our advice is that you tip our staff based on their performance, service and knowledge. Our guidelines for tipping our staff are the following: Shared Inca Trail Trek 4d/3n

Each porter gets 100 Soles, each assistant cooks 150 Soles, the Main Chef gets 300 Soles. make sure to tip more if your trip it is more than 5 days or if it is luxury treks

Assistant Tour guides can be tipped collectively by the members of the group, we suggest a 5% of the total cost of the tour Shared Inca Trail Trek 4d/3n.

Main guides are tipped on a one-on-one basis and based on their performance. Tour guides are professional people who spend a lot of time training in different other fields such archaeology, history and WFA. We suggest people to consider tipping our guide a 10% to 15% of the value of your tour.

Train included in all tours is the Expedition train (to Ollantaytambo). Train times will only be confirmed once full amount of tour is paid. The earliest train you could take is the 2:55 PM  or 15:20 pmand the 08:30 PM being the last train (high season June to September). We will organize the transport back to Cusco (by taxi or by bus).


Due to New government regulations for the Inca Trail, it will be 100% PROHIBITED to TAKE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES. We believe that in the first days the new enforced regulations may NOT be 100% controlled however as the days go it will be more and more strict therefore, WE KINDLY suggest you getting your aluminum plastic bottles to avoid any disappointment at the check points along the Inca Trail and in the Machu Picchu citadel.

Inca trail trek 4d3n shared service to avoid using single-use plastic on the Inca Trail or any other hiking adventure, you can follow these environmentally friendly practices:

Water Bottles: Bring a reusable water bottle or hydration bladder. You can refill it at water stations along the trail or use water purification methods such as water filters or water purification tablets.

Inca trail trek 4d3n shared service Food Containers: Carry reusable containers for your snacks and meals. Use lightweight, durable containers that can be washed and reused throughout the trip Inca trail trek 4d3n shared service.

Cloth Bags: Pack your items in cloth or reusable bags instead of plastic bags. These bags can be used to store snacks, carry trash, or separate wet items.

Personal Care Products: Use eco-friendly alternatives for personal care items such as biodegradable soap, shampoo bars, and toothpaste tablets. Avoid single-use travel-sized toiletries that come in plastic packaging.

Straws and Stirrers: Skip single-use plastic straws and stirrers altogether. If you prefer using a straw, consider bringing a reusable one made of stainless steel, bamboo, or silicone.

Wet Wipes: Instead of disposable wet wipes, carry a small pack of reusable cloth wipes or a microfiber towel that can be rinsed and reused.

Trash Management: Ensure you have a dedicated bag for collecting and carrying your trash. Properly dispose of it in designated waste bins at the campsites or bring it back with you and dispose of it responsibly.

Inform and Educate: Share your commitment to reducing plastic waste with fellow hikers and local guides. Encourage them to adopt eco-friendly practices as well.

Remember, the Inca Trail and other natural areas are fragile ecosystems, and it’s important to leave no trace behind. By minimizing plastic waste, you can help preserve the beauty of these destinations for future generations Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

HEALTH CONCERNS.- You must be honest with your guide about any health conditions or concerns you might have. While our guides are not medical professionals, they do have first aid training. We also work with a clinic in Cusco that can help assist our team.

You are responsible for assessing whether a Tour is suitable for you. You should consult your physician to confirm your fitness for travel and participation in any planned activities. You should seek your physician’s advice on vaccinations and medical precautions. Inca Land Adventures will not provide medical advice. It is your responsibility to assess the risks and requirements of each aspect of the Tour based on your unique circumstances, limitations, fitness level, and medical requirements Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

If you develop extreme altitude sickness or any other illness that prevents you from hiking, and you still wish to visit Machu Picchu by train, we will work with you to coordinate this trip. Since this will be a new trip, it may require additional fees. We will use as much of the original itinerary to keep costs low Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

If you experience issues while hiking and cannot continue, a porter will accompany you to the closest road and wait while a car comes to pick you up and bring you to the nearest health clinic.

GROUP TOURS.- Group tours are made up of all different types of people, with various hiking skills and ages. By agreeing to a group tour, you agree that some people might be slower or faster than you are. Everyone can go at their own pace for the trek, and the guide will work with the group to spend time with everyone. Groups might request some modifications to the tour, and the guide will work with everyone to make the best decision for the Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

STRIKES.- Unfortunately, strikes are frequent in Peru and can disrupt our tours. Roads are often blocked, and trains stopped. We will make sure your trek continues as planned, even if that means leaving the night before your start date. Under these circumstances, tours might need to be canceled. But our operations department will coordinate with you in this situation. Your safety is always our top concern and will dictate how we decide.

LOST ITEMS.- You are responsible for your items throughout the Tour. Please be diligent about where you leave your things and remember to remove all items from our vans, your tents, restaurant, etc. Do not leave anything unintended during your hike. Other trekkers or teams might pick it up not knowing whose it is Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

TRAVEL INSURANCE.- Travel insurance is inexpensive and strongly recommended. With trips being planned months ahead of time, you never can predict what could happen. Adventure travel includes more risk than the average trip. Insurance is a way to protect the investment you have made on this journey. We can help recommend an agent to walk you through this type of insurance if needed Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

WEATHER.- Of course, the weather is unpredictable. Typically, the dry season in Cusco is from April through October, but this does not stop rain from falling in June or the sun from coming out in December so just be prepared. No matter what month you are doing the trek, make sure that you have rain gear that includes a waterproof jacket, pants, poncho, and waterproof gloves. Many people forget about gloves, but being cold and wet makes hiking very unpleasant Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Also, prepare for four seasons. Several of the treks through the Andes involve various microclimates and you will need to be prepared. Layers are always key since they are easy to adjust to different temperature changes. Be prepared with a warm packable down jacket since the evening will be cold Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

It’s also important to note that the weather can change a listed itinerary. There are times that routes become impassable, and our guides will be forced for your safety to rework your tour.

ALTITUDE.- As soon as people book their trip to Peru, specifically Cusco, they start wondering about altitude sickness. The air at high altitudes contains less oxygen than at sea level and forces your body to work harder to get the oxygen it needs. Over several days at high altitude, your body adjusts to the lower amount of oxygen in the air. For this reason, we always recommend spending at least two days in Cusco before beginning any trek in the Andes. Cusco is a marvelous city with lots to do, so if you have more time to acclimate you won´t be bored Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

With altitude sickness, you may first feel like you have the flu or a hangover. You may have a headache, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, trouble sleeping, trouble breathing during exercise. If any of these effects become severe, please contact our office, and we will help you get to a doctor Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Most of the time, these symptoms will be mild. We always recommend easing into activity slowly, allowing your body to adjust. Drink plenty of fluids such as water or coca tea. Coca tea has been used since ancient times to help prevent altitude sickness. Leaves from the Coca Plant contain alkaloids that help bring oxygen into your blood, helping your body avoid the effects of altitude sickness. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and coffee. They will cause you to urinate more often and become dehydrated. Avoid smoking. Smoking makes it more difficult for your body to get oxygen. Avoid sleeping pills. They may cause shallow breathing at night, making it more difficult for your body to absorb oxygen while you sleep Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

Remember the trek to Machu Picchu is not a race. Even those in the best shape will suffer from altitude sickness if they race to the top of the mountain too quickly. Go slow, and it will give your body time to adjust to the elevation Shared Inca Trail Trek 4d/3n.

Your healthcare provider may prescribe medications, such as acetazolamide and dexamethasone, to help prevent altitude sickness. Start the medicine two days before you get to a high altitude. Continue to take it while you are at high altitude

You must remember that this is your holiday and you do not want to stress out about the possibility of getting sick from the mountains. Do everything slowly and drink lots of water, and enjoy the coca tea. If anything does happen and you, unfortunately, get sick, let your guide know right away. Land Adventures guides are trained to help you get through it Shared Inca Trail Trek 4d/3n.

GETTING TO CUSCO.- The airport in Cusco currently is only for domestic flights, so all international travelers by plane must disembark in Lima and go through Customs. Even if your flight to Cusco is the same day by the same airline carrier, you must grab your bags in Lima and then check them back in.

The best way to get to Cusco is by air, and there are several options in airlines. LAN tends to be the most expensive but has the most options and flights. Expect delays or flight cancellations. Due to the high altitude of Cusco, it tends to be difficult to land, and any acclimate weather will stop air traffic. Bus travel is always available, and while the trip can be long, especially from Lima, the buses in Peru are very well maintained and comfortable. This option is strongly encouraged if coming from a city closer to Cusco, like Puno. Lima buses will take about 20 hours to arrive Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.

MACHU PICCHU ENTRANCE TIMES.- Machu Picchu now has two different time windows of when you can visit: either morning or afternoon. Your entrance ticket will be for only one session, morning session, and when your time window is over, the Rangers will ask you to leave Choquequirao Vilcabamba MachuPicchu 11/10.



** If you have tickets to hike either Huaynapicchu or Machu Picchu Mountain, you will have some extra time until 2:30PM.

If you would like to spend the whole day at Machu Picchu, we can add an afternoon session ticket to your booking for $75 per person .

Packing List



Vali, STUDENT CARD (if you booked as a student)

Immigration Card (given on the plane as you enter Peru)

Good daypack (the smaller, the better)

Water storage: Water reservoir like Camelbacks is encouraged – but enough for at least 2-3 liters.

Comfortable hiking boots (lightweight with good soles)

FOR YOUR DUFFEL.- Porters will carry up to 6 kg of your personal items. This must include your sleeping bag and air matt (if you bring/rent one). From us these two items weigh 3.5 kg Shared Inca Trail Trek 4d/3n.

2-3 wicking t-shirts

2-3 hiking pants

4 sets of undergarments.

4 sets of hiking socks

1 Fleece

1 Warm, down jacket: gets very cold at night

1 Rain jacket and pants

1 sun hat

1 wool hat

Headlamp: essential

Waterproof gloves (even if they are ski gloves, take them)

Comfortable shoes for camp

Walking boots

Waterproof jacket/rain poncho

Quick dry towel. We provide small ones; you might enjoy something a little larger.

Small bottle of soap: we provide warm water each day to clean – might make you feel fresh if you had a little soap.

Battery Charger: There is no place to plug in while trekking!

Large plastic bags: to help organize and keep clean from dirty.

Sleeping bag: Recommend down bags for -10C at least

The Local Payment (Payment of final Balance). – can be paid in cash and in US dollars or Peruvian soles (if paying in Soles it will be applied the exchange rate of the day).

Cancellations.- Deposit sent for is Non-Refundable nor transferable to any other date, person or tour (According to Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Regulations).

Inca Land Adventures must be notified of any changes or cancellations to your trip as soon as you are aware of them, via e-mail so that we do not incur expenses not covered by deposit.

Once final balance has been paid, we will not be able to refund your trek payment in the case of cancellations. There will, however, be parts of your trip that you are able to use (Machu Picchu entrance fee, 1 train ticket, 1 bus ticket).

A claim letter for your insurance company can also be provided by us upon request.

Porter service hired can Not be cancelled (a fee is paid for booking this service).

Send us your main Departure date and back up date: By providing us with a main date and a backup date for your trek (classic Inca Trail, Lares, Salkantay, etc) you automatically authorize Llama Path to use either of these dates for your reservation. Llama Path within the next 48 hours (after you have sent us your booking form and confirm deposit was made) will send you an electronic receipt confirming your trek has been officially booked and also to confirm the exact departure date of your trek.

Sending your Personal Details for Booking: Your passport number and other information must be valid. Please advise if you change your passport number after booking the tour (especially for booking the classic Inca Trail as if we do not make a change in your official details, you may not be permitted to do the trek). Please Note changing passports’ numbers requires an extra fee (we are able to change passports numbers easily on our receipt but it’s also extremely important that we make the changes with the Inca Trail authorities) and please is important that the information that you send need to be exactly as appear in your passport.

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