Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d

  • 5 Day(s) 4 Night(s)
  • Max People : 26
  • Jan 1’ - Dec 31
  • Min Age : 10+

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d

Glamping lares short inca trail Trek to Machupicchu 5 d/4n

The Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d package Embark on a luxurious journey through the heart of the Andes, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Lares trail. With our specialized guides at your side, this is more than just a trek – it’s an educational adventure into the rich history, diverse flora, and rare birdwatching opportunities that this unique region offers Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d.


Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d Guides with Deep Knowledge: Our guides aren’t just trail experts – they’re historians, botanists, and birdwatchers, all rolled into one. They’ll unveil the secrets of the ancient Incas, introduce you to rare plant species, and help you spot elusive birds you might not find anywhere else.

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d Unique Flora Encounters: The Andes are home to thousands of plant species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. Discover the medicinal uses of the native plants, or simply admire their beauty Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d.

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d Birdwatcher’s Paradise: The region boasts a remarkable variety of avian species. From the vibrant Andean Cock-of-the-Rock to the elusive Giant Hummingbird, there’s no shortage of feathered wonders to capture your imagination Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d.

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d Luxury at Every Step: Our 5D/4N journey ensures you don’t compromise on comfort. Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d After a day of exploration, retreat to the best accommodations available, dine on gourmet meals prepared by top chefs, and wake up to breathtaking views from your room.. offers a comprehensive guide to enjoy an unforgettable experience hiking the trail pathway. To explore more just drop a mail at

Day 1.- Cusco Calca Quishuarani Cuncani ( L, D)

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d The Cusco city is the start a new adventure on the wilderness mountain,Our private bus come to pick up you at 05:00 am, sharp for a scenic drive through the Sacred Valley, Pisac alive town with a lot history and stopping for the scenaries, Calca one of the towns in the valley property to buy last snack and some camping staff as well small breakfast. To continued driving to Quiswarani – Lares (3,700m /12,150 ft) lares Departing Calca around 06:45 we head off for the scenic drive to Quishuarani (3,700m /12,150 ft) which is the starting point for the trek.until you reach the Huillquijassa Pass (4400 mt. / 14435.7 ft.) to gaze at the sparkling pristine lagoons and lakes. Then descend for about 2.5 hours to the town of Cuncani (3900 mt. / 12795.3 ft.), accompanied by adorable herds of alpacas, llamas, and sheep grazing in their natural habitat. Along the way you will be able to observe small Andean communities, spectacular mountain landscapes, herds of llamas and alpacas plus Campesinos (people of the local villages) in colorful costumes as traditional. Get our horses and company crew, to climbing to the first highest point Hualcacasa 3 hours (4400m) along the uphill we apreciate the lagoon named Queuña Cocha and can observe Mount Sawasiray (5400m) and Colque Cruz (5600m). There are steeper climb to our first pass, where observe Mount Veronica (5700m, a sacred Apu mountain in this Valley) which we descend to reach our lunch place beside the picturesque ‘seven lagunas’. We will stay by the lake this night.

Day 2.- Cuncani huaca huasi ipsayqocha (B, L, D)

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d This is a stunning day hiking. You leave camp behind and climb past colourfully dressed locals, towards the native forests that Amazonas Explorer has been heavily involved in re-planting. These forests harbour Andean deer, vizcachas and several rare species of birds and are essential to the future of this area.

A further push and you reach the stunning views from your highest pass of the trek, the Huchayccasa pass (4450 m/14600 ft.). A chain of emerald blue lakes fills the hillside below you, and in the distance rise the snow clad Urubamba Mountains. Descending through hand turned potato fields you come to the ancient community of Cuncani at (3800m/12,4600 ft.).
Fuelled by a tasty lunch you carry on along the valley floor to reach the once notorious village of Huacahuasi After a hearty breakfast you begin to climb gently towards your final pass. This is a day filled with encounters with locals. Strong legged men head off to work in the potato fields, wooden ploughs slung over their shoulder. Rough handed women sit; legs outstretched weaving their traditional clothes on wooden looms. And small children sit motionless guarding herds of alpaca and llama, their ever-faithful dog by their side.
From your camp you begin towards the final pass. Lying at 4,200m/13,780ft the Ipsaycocha pass marks the border between Lares and the Patacancha Valley. You start gently and then climb one final steep section to gain the summit. If you are lucky, you will have spectacular views of Mount Veronica. You take lunch by the beautiful Ipsay Lake then follow an ancient your final camp.

Day 3.- Ipsayqocha to Ollantaytambo (B, L, D)

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d You start with a short but sharp climb to the impressive and little known ruins of Pumamarca. After visiting this extensive site, you take an Inca trail along old terraces, before winding your way through eucalyptus forests to the impressive ruins of Ollantaytambo.
Enjoy lunch before exploring this charming village. This was the site of the last battle between the Incas and Spanish before the remaining Inca rebels fled into the jungles of Vilcabamba. The presence of the Incas is still evident, with most houses still containing Inca stonework and the local women still washing their clothes in the old Inca canals that run through the village.


Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d This morning after listening to the songs of the chirping birds, and a divine breakfast in the Sacred Valley of Peru, we set off to the Inca town of Ollantaytambo for a smooth train ride aboard the Vistadome train with panoramic windows for great views of the countryside en route to Km 104 our starting point of the fantastic Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Our first visit is to the Chachabamba archaeological site (2178 mt. / 7145.7 ft.) in the abundant cloud forest. Hike on the amazing trail appreciating stunning views of the endemic colorful orchids, beautiful bird species, and the gorgeous Andes Mountains of Peru. We will arrive at the Inca archaeological site of Wiñaywayna (2650 mt. / 8694.2 ft.) meaning “forever young” for a visit. Then we will find a terrific spot to have a delicious box lunch nearby enjoying the tranquility of nature. Following peace of mind, we continue our hike up some steep steps for about 1.5 hours to reach Sun Gate or Intipunku (2750 mt. / 9022.3 ft.), where we will get our first glimpse of the iconic Machu Picchu below. Snap some perfect pictures to frame, of the famous majestic citadel of Peru, before descending for about an hour until reaching Machu Picchu (2430 mt. /7972.4 ft.) to exit and take the shuttle bus down to the town of Aguas Calientes (2040 mt./6693 ft.) to spend the night in a comfortable luxury hotel.

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d Take a ride on the shuttle bus from Aguas Calientes to the magical Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Get a feeling of exhilaration as you approach the iconic Machu Picchu (2430 mt. / 7972.4 ft.) coming face to face with the perfect citadel built by the Incas. Immerse yourself into the history and theories retold by your well-versed guide as you experience magic strolling by the many temples and corridors. After a mesmerizing time, exit the mystic Machu Picchu to the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge to have a succulent Peruvian meal a la carte. Following an exclusive lunch, return to town to board the luxury Hiram Bingham train with a festive Andean show and an exquisite dining experience aboard the fancy train to the Poroy station. Upon arrival at the Poroy station our friendly View Peru representative will whisk you in private transportation to your hotel in Cusco.

Services Included:
Bilingual English speaking Birdwatcher Photographer Tour Guide
Pre-Departure Briefing at your hotel 1 or 2 days before your trek
Pick up from your hotel and transportation to the Bogging of the Hike
Four person tent for each 2 persons.
Inflatable Mattress
Kitchen tent
Dining tent with tables and chairs
Toilet tent
Professional chef and assistant chef
Duffle bag for your personal gear
Emergency horse for each of you
Daily morning boiled and cold water to fill the water bottles.
Train ticket from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes
Private van transportation from Ollantaytambo to your hotel in Cusco
Emergency oxygen bottle, medical kit and emergency
Entrance to Machu Picchu
Round Trip Bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu on Day 4
Lodging in Aguas Calientes on night 3 of the trek (double occupancy)
Dinner in Aguas Calientes on Night 3 Indio Feliz Restaurant
Day 5 Lunch in Santuary lodge Hotel Located by Machupicchu
1 night in Aguas Calientes at trusted 5 star hotel including breakfast and private bathroom
3 nights camping.
Hiram Bingham train tickets.
Air bed for camping
sleeping bags
walking sticks
duffle bags
Wine, Pisco, beer, water.
Hotel crockery.
All entrance fees and permits
Meals indicated on itinerary (B, L, D)
All overland private transfers indicated
Private porter during the trail.
Massage Session during 3 nights on the trail.
Hot Shower during the Inca trail
Bath and hand Towels per person
A private, hand-crafted and fully personalized Deluxe from start to finish.
Modern trekking and camping equipment.
All meals cooked on the spot with fresh ingredients by our trained chef.
Fully Trained porters hailing from local communities.
All meals throughout the itinerary.
All transfers and excursions as per itinerary in private service,Meals during the Trek (4 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners)..
Porters to carry the main luggage (all the equipment and cooking stock).
Oxygen bottle and first-aid kits
Bus ticket from Machu Picchu ruins to Aguas Calientes round trip
Services Not Included:
Tips for the crew (guides, porters, cooks, wranglers)
What to bring:
Original passport (if you have acquired a new one after you made your booking, bring both)
Clothes (trekking boots, warm fleece jacket, a few t-shirts, socks, sun hat, warm underwear, light long pants, gloves, rain jacket)
Toiletries (toilet paper, wet wipes, personal towel)
Sunscreen SPF 35+ recommended
Head lamp
Camera with spare batteries (batteries run down faster at high altitudes)
Insect repellant (minimum 30% DEET)
Price: Private tour USD PER PERSON

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 days
Price 2024

1 people: US$6950.00 per person
2 people: US$4000.00 per person
3 people: US$3800.00 per person
4 people: US$3600.00 per person
5 people: US$3400.00 per person
6 people: US$3100.00 per person
7+ people: US$2700.00 per person.

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d 18 to 25 years old: $30 USD Information required on student card: name of university, student name, photo of student, expiration date etc. A copy of the card is required at booking for government approval for discount.
Under 18 years old: $30 USD Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.
Under 11 years old: $40 USD Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.
Group of 5 or more: $30 USD – All you need is to book the trek together at the same time.
Sleeping Bag –$20 USD per person per trek (It will be clean and warm)
Air Mattress –$20 USD per person per trek (Therm-a-rest mattresses)
Walking Poles -$20 USD per pair per trek (Professional poles that can be extended)
Personal tent- $35 USD – (Tent is for single trekkers only)
Vistadome Train Upgrade –$75 USD per person (Return Only)
Huayna Picchu Mountain –$75 USD per person (Please request when you book your Trek)
Machu Picchu Mountain – $75 USD per person (Please request when you book your Trek)
Single supplement-$35 USD per night (for solo travellers with single room)
**Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain are optional treks within Machu Picchu Citadel which do not include a guide. The climb is usually done on your own after your tour of Machu Picchu Citadel. If you would like the extra hike to be guided, please request in advance. There is an extra cost for this extra guided tour Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d.
TRANSFER – from the Airport to Hotel (Cusco Only)
DUFFEL BAG AND LINER BAGS – included in the trekking price!
BOILED WATER is included along the Inca Trail
OXYGEN TANK will be available along the trek
EMERGENCY HORSE is included in the price which can be ridden if you get tired or sick
PLASTIC RAIN poncho made by Inca Land Adventures is included.

IMPORTANT: Some of the reasons that our price may be higher than that of other agencies are the following:

We ALWAYS book the maximum number of porters possible (according to Inca Trail regulations) so that our porters are not overloaded.

Glamping lares short inca trail 5 d Also, We are the only travel operator in Peru that supplies porters with proper tents, sleeping pads and adequate food for this type of activity.
We always we take care our hosremans and horses during our alternative treks so tiping it will be the seim as for the porters

Beware of this when booking they might be cheaper because of this!

2 people (minimum group size) should have a maximum of 7 porters and 16 people (max group size) should have 22 porters.
** Tips for porters, cooks or guides are optional and are NOT included in our price. However our advice is that you tip our staff based on their performance, service and knowledge. Our guidelines for tipping our staff is the following:
Each porter gets 100 Soles, each assistant cook 150 Soles, the Main Chef gets 300 Soles.make sure to tip more if your trip it is more than 5 days or if it is luxury treks
Assistant Tour guides can be tipped collectively by the members of the group, we suggest a 5% of the total cost of the tour.
Main guides are tipped on a one on one basis and based on their performance. Tour guides are professional people who spend a lot of time training in different other fields such archaelogy, history and WFA. We suggest people to consider tipping our guide a 10% to 15% of the value of your tour.
Train included in all tours is the Expedition train (to Ollanta). Train times will only be confirmed once full amount of tour is paid. The earliest train you could take is the 2:55 PM and the 9:20 PM being the last train (high season June to September). We will organize the transport back to Cusco (by taxi or by bus).


Due to New goverment regulations for the Inca Trail it will be 100% PROHIBITED to TAKE PLASTIC WATER  BOTTLES. We believe that in the first days  the new enforced regulations may NOT be 100% controlled however as the days go it will be more and more strict therefore WE KINDLY suggest you getting your aluminum plastic bottles to avoid any dissapointment at the check points along the Inca Trail and in the Machu Picchu citadel.

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